Monday, October 8, 2012

Obama Apologizes to Hollywood..Not America

He's cool.  He's black.  He's the one...that's what Hollywood thinks.  OMG...somebody will call me raaaaaaaaaaacist.  I'm not.  This is just the persona that Obama has been labeled with.  And don't you conservatives dare say anything like "he's black".  That is wrong.  But the Hollywood types and the left can.  All day long they will tell me I have no right to talk about Obama because he's "America" and he's black.  I don't want to talk about his skin color.  I could care less what skin color he is.  I want to talk about his policies.  It's the left that refuses to look past the black/white hangup they have.

Goodness Obama fell flat on his face in the first debate.  And his cronies would have you believe it was due to John Kerry, no teleprompter,  Romney lying,  Michelle's PMS, George Soros, wait not George...but you get it.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is Barack's fault.  Au contraire, mon frère...Barack cannot talk about his "successes".  His successes are putting America on the path to socialism, death panels, government as nanny,  dumbing the electorate, class warfare, etc.  No he lost because someone finally was able to challenge him on his record.  Poor Obama...Romney was so mean.

Hogwash.  Stop covering for him MSM!

But here he is..on video...apologizing to those desolate Hollywood millionaires (hypocrites).  He didn't put this much effort in apologizing to Brian Terry's parents on his death in the "Fast and Furious" scandal.  No he covered up for Eric Holder. 

He lied for days about Ambassador Chris Stephens' death being caused due to a "VIDEO".   That's been debunked royally. He knew all along the real reason why. 

Here's the President...poor thing...he's been so let down by his friends..and America.

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