Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The World According to Barack!

Your President has declared.... "You are Not Titled to Success!" 

Why not?  No other reason needed except your President said so.  It's basically another catch phrase for "You didn't build that!"

The class warfare continues.  Watch the video.  Our President contradicts himself, in a way.  He's so Government focused and wants the gov to control every aspect of our lives.  Government is the only thing that can help and it will "trickle down" to the poor.  NOT!

The Government, not you, is the only entity in America titled to success in Barack's eyes.  He knows no other way.  He's lived that lie.  He grew up believing that lie.  He spouts the lie.  And he keeps on lecturing us as if we're subjects.  I swear at what point will the producers  give up, revolt against the takers, and call it quits?  Then what's the gov going to do?

America...let's declare our independence from King Obama on Nov 6!

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