Thursday, October 25, 2012

WRAL 5 Reports On the Super's "Joe Biden" Moment

Residents say Lee school superintendent cursed them at forum

 Two people attending a political forum in Sanford last week said Lee County Schools Superintendent Jeff Moss cursed them during a heated discussion of school performance.

Moss acknowledges that his conduct during the Oct. 18 forum was "not professional," but he denies using any profanity in the encounter.

Video can be viewed on this blog in previous posts or on Youtube at

I don't know where any of this will go.  You all know there is no love lost between this blogger and the Super.  I won't deny nor hide it.  My distaste for Dr. Moss really accelerated during  those public budget forums in 2011.  I don't like how they were handled with all the fear mongering.  I don't like how a 3rd grader was a pawn against her dad who is an NC House Representative.  I sure as heck don't like how So Lee Principle Bonnie Almond and the Super handled the situation with the senior who took a paring knife to school, which was allowed per the Student Handbook.  Oh she was acquitted. Dang...can Lee County Schools stay out of the news for at least one year?  Is  that too much to ask, Dr. Moss?

And for goodness sakes, I despise the fact that the Board of Education and Dr. Moss refuse to let us know why they needed $7.9 million more and only settled for $500,000 last year.  Something just smells fishy.  And now I  can just add the cursing to the list.  Is having some integrity too much to ask as well?

Anyway I am quite perplexed as to how Dr. Moss can continue to deny what he said on the video.  [Editor Update: I should have said "Moss doesn't deny he said it.  He denies it's on the video."] Not just audio.  But a video.  Grant you was done in the heat of the moment.   Twice.  Outbursts are.  But they also reveal character.   One small fact:  10 + witnesses.

Regardless of who you are, you must be professional. Especially if you're the Superintendent of a county school system.  We expect all of our leaders to do such.  In every aspect, in every profession, in every situation.  That goes for all of us.

But the Super thinks he's not done a thing wrong. Maybe that talk is normal after hour chatter to Dr. Smith and Dr. Moss,  but to this mom,  it is the ultimate offense.  Ask those who know me what happens when I hear it.  

Plausible deniability doesn't work, Dr. Moss.  All of us sitting around you  in the courtroom (where the forum was held) heard you.  Own up.  Stop being the guy we all think you are and change our minds.  It's NEVER too late. 

However, because you still denied cursing as late as Tuesday, I'm not sure anyone would accept it.  But you readers listen for yourself to the video.  Some will hear "FU" (the full phrase). Some will discount it.  Some will call it "partisan politics".  And some will realize this is the Superintendent of our kids and not stand for it.   The BOE chair says "No need to respond. His evaluation is next month." Geez, Moss is our employee.  We the people voted in the school board and they hired him.  But he is still our employee.  He's paid with our tax dollars.  And we expect better.  

If you're a parent of a child in the LCSS, make your voice heard.  Even if you're not, speak  up for what you think is right.  Speak up whichever way you feel about it.  The School Board should listen to all of us.  They should hold a public hearing and let parents publicly say what how they feel about this.  By denying that, they are, in my eyes, attempting to shut us up  - for or against.

But there's always the next School Board meeting on Tuesday, November 6, 6 pm.  See you there.


Dale Marks said...

From my viewpoint I think Mr Moss never actually said he didn't say it. He was coy and said he didn't say it on the tape,and it wasn't on the tape. No one has pressed him directly whether he uttered the expletive. He said that was all he had to say on the matter. Certainly the Herald will not press him. It is a shame we had to have someone come from raleigh to even give this story any importance.

Unless the parents and citizens speak up and pressure him he will continue with the course of no further comment and count on his friends in the local media to cover him as long as they can. I don't think they even interviewed any of the witnesses and continue to use the term allegedly when referring to the matter.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This is the man who leads the education system for your kids.

Sheila Barber said...

Thanks Dale. You're right. That's the way I meant it. Just like the VP and Romney, sometimes things don't come out the right way. Anyway, I updated the post in red to clarify.

Dale Marks said...

Where are all the Womack haters? Their silence is palpable. They hollered to high heaven about private emails never intended for public consumption. Not a peep with a public outburst, in front of a 14 year old teen no less, clearly intended to convey disrespect.....What Hypocrites!

Sheila Barber said...

One of them had an editorial in this morning's paper and another had a LTE. Wait for my story on that.

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