Friday, October 26, 2012

The Herald - About those Letters to the Editor!

See, I told you so.  Dang even our home town paper thinks you and me are idiots.  And have short memories. And an editorial in Tuesday's Sanford Herald makes the claim that social media outlets and bloggers report opinions as facts.  Social media really doesn't matter. 

Whether they like it or not, we report Facts with Opinions.  At least we hold our feet to the fire.  And if I have a deadline..I abide by it.  

It's because of us that our print media and Lame Stream Media are coming under fire.  
[Better way of putting it:  Coming under fire for "leaving a few things out", sounding a bit biased, and blasting us for something they do themselves. - This won't go over well.]
So do you remember this last week?  The "moratorium" on new letters?

RV Hight never replied to the last letter I wrote:

Email to Sanford Herald..Stop Suppressing us!

Let the games begin.  In this morning's Herald one of those treasured LEED Brat Pac guys is a bit ticked off at the GOP candidates.  And the Herald didn't waste any time printing his letter about an event held THIS WEEK, you saw that, THIS WEEK, with the LEED PAC and the Sanford Herald.  How biased does that look anyway?  Our paper had already held a forum.  So they gang up with that group? can come to your own conclusion about that.

But wait...this blogger was bcc on alot of responses to the Herald editors on the "supposedly moratorium" on LTEs.  So why were they not printed first?  Many of our letters came in before October 19.  BECAUSE we were told they HAD to be in!

FYI - They also have or had a policy of not allowing candidates to write letters to the editors after a certain point.  That was THEIR RULE for as long as I can remember.  Mr. Ron Hewett replied to one about him and his ad that was in last Thursday's paper.  

Will the Editor give Mr. Kirk Smith the space to reply to his condemning editorial this morning?  Time will tell, won't it.

So what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander.  Mama would not be happy.  This one isn't.  But I'm "just a blogger", you know.

The Herald broke their own rules they stated we had to abide by.  Can we say "Got-cha"?  


Still No Reply from Herald...

Thursday - No Response from Herald



Dale Marks said...

The Chet Mann LTE mentioned candidates, and alluded to the upcoming election numerous times. If that isn't violation of the heralds clearly stated terms I need to get one of those rosetta stone things and re-learn the english language.

Sheila Barber said...

It sure is. Plus they allowed Ron Hewett to write a rebuttal. The policy has been that candidates couldn't do that. I brought all this out to Mr. Hight. But the same excuse keeps coming back: No we didn't.

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