Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Atlas Shrugged Too Far...Buy Bucky Balls!

Some time ago I brought you the story of "Bucky Balls".  That's the small business that produced these:

Buckyballs are the incredibly fun stress balls and you can shape them, mold them, combine them, etc.  Small business and entrepreneur.  A maker.  Not a taker.

I also told you about their predicament of where the CPSC, Consumer Protection Safety Committee, was trying to shut them down.  Seems some stupid parents aren't smart enough to keep them from small kids.  And kids have been known to eat them. 

You can rehash that post by clicking here: "Atlas Shrugged" and Buckyballs

Well, the warning on the packages and website clearly state "NOT FOR CHILDREN".  I guess we have to have our hands held for everything.  

Sadly, I just learned they have decided to stop fighting the government.  I go over there to pick up one or two for Christmas presents and I see this:

This is yet another example of a "maker" calling it quits.  Too many regulations, Obamacare, constant riding their backs...I'm surprised we haven't heard of many more.  Oh I bet we will.

Help them clear out their inventory.  Go over to www.getbuckyballs.com  and help them tell the government...KISS OUR BUTT!

Actually you'll also be telling those money hungry, power hungry, Congressmen and Senators that as well.  Along with their subjects who are too stupid to see that when there's no generation of tax revenue there's nothing left for them.  When all the makers shrug their shoulders and give up... what's the government to do?

Atlas is shrugged.

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