Thursday, November 8, 2012

To My Sister Judy And Those Like Her - Thanks!

Many of you may or may not know that  I have two older sisters and a brother.  One of my sisters, Linda, is an FBC blogger, and then there's the other one,  Judy.  She's an ultra-liberal and lives out west.  You can bet she's been partying all night long and celebrating President Obama's victory.

Judy and I have never seen eye to eye on the role of government.  She is the classic example of an Obama voter.  Our differences have divided us this day.  

One such example....

I remember when my mom was alive and there was a massive shortage in America of flu vaccines.  I was standing on my porch listening to her rant about how "old" people didn't deserve the shot.  I was stunned.  This sister of mine, who is 10 years older than me, was basically saying her mother didn't deserve a flu shot.  That my friends, was the last time I talked to her.  I couldn't believe my ears.   And that girl, who always found money to pay for keeping up the looks, never could find money to come see Mom while she was alive.  I begged  her.  I even promised to stay away from mama's nursing home if she would just come visit.  But Judy never found the time nor money.  Mom died 4 years ago this week.  I heard Judy visited the grave two days after the funeral.  

Good ol' sis worked at the Social Security Administration for 30 years and retired making $80,000 a year.   "All for me and none for all".  Why would she vote for fiscal responsibility in government?  She made a living off of me and you.  She loathes the makers in society.  She hated Jesse Helms and swayed over Clinton.  And knowing her history, she's probably barely making it and using an Obama phone.

I feel inclined to keep warning the people what's coming down the pipe.  Obamacare will cure some ills in society.  It will cure the "love of government" for some.  And pretty quickly.  Some will never learn nor accept reality.   Just wait until those seniors that voted for Obama because they were scared of losing their benefits realize what they  have done.  Dear seniors...if there's no money to take from us, you'll lose anyway.    Essentially you voted against the workers of America.  Atlas has shrugged for sure.

But sometimes you know, it just doesn't do any good.  So what will be, will be.   Don't blame me.  I voted for prosperity, not poverty.

And to that end, I bring to my dear sister, Judy, and the rest that voted for Obama a thank you note from Eileen.  She speaks for many of us who didn't drink the koolaid.

From American Thinker:

Thank You for Re-Electing Obama

By Eileen F. Toplansky

As a soldier, I want to thank you for ensuring that I will have less than adequate protection in a field of military action now that the president has reduced military expenditures.  In fact, "Aerospace Industries Association, a trade group, released a study that projected the sector would lose in the neighborhood of 350,000 direct and supplier jobs under [Obama's] automatic cuts."  That will certainly help the already burgeoning unemployment rate.

As a senior, I want to thank you for ensuring that as I age, I will have some faceless bureaucrat tell me that I cannot have cataract surgery or hip surgery.  The Independent Payment Advisory Board, a board of 15 unelected officials, now has the power to cut Medicare spending without congressional approval.  This will result in restrictions to my access to providers, treatments, and services.  Thus, my friends and I will experience what our counterparts in Great Britain are facing.

As a hospital director, I want to thank you for ensuring that medical devices and testing equipment that used to be the bulwark of medical care in the U.S. will now be curtailed.

As a Medicare beneficiary, I want to thank you for voting in a man who has determined that as of October 2012, anyone "returning to the hospital within 30 days of discharge will be denied treatment because the hospitals will be denied payment.  Furthermore, low income patients will be particularly hard hit with this new regulation.

As an employee of the medical device industry, I want to thank you for reducing my job since next year the industry will see a 2.3-percent excise tax applied to medical devices and as a result will pay for this tax by eliminating my job and passing the increased costs on to the consumer.

As a Catholic, I want to especially thank you for your total lack of empathy as it concerns my religious conscience since my religious charity, hospital, and schools will be forced to pay for contraceptives including abortion-inducing drugs.  For that matter, as a person of conscience with no particular religious affiliation, I want to thank you for the draconian trampling of individual conscience which used to be a hallmark of American exceptionalism.

As a citizen, I am delighted by the new 21 additional taxes that I will be mandated to pay as a result of the ObamaCare law. 

As an illegal, I am thankful that I will now be eligible for free health care services since Obama pushed opened the door for illegals to become citizens -- yet another example of "executive overreach" on an issue that should have included congressional representation.

As a Jew, I want to thank you for making me uneasy about your support for the only democratic country in the Middle East.  I was impressed by Obama's disdain for the prime minister of Israel.
As a jihadist, I really want to thank you for your $1.5-billion support for the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that vows to destroy  Israel, exterminate all Jews, and infiltrate the United States and conquer her from within.

As a Coptic Christian, I want to thank you for never speaking out as I and thousands of other Coptic Christians are being murdered in the streets of Egypt.  Odd that Obama does not speak up for those Nigerian blacks being slaughtered, either.

As a woman, I want to thank you for your specious claim to care for us, knowing all the while that you support people who support sharia law, that most misogynistic law that countenances honor killing, and second-class citizenship for women.

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