Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Standing My Ground

“Your mind is your only judge of truth–and if others dissent from your verdict, reality is the court of final appeal.”
— John Galt
Atlas Shrugged (Part 3, Chapter 7, Page 1,017)

No doubt many of my patriot friends have a heavy heart today.  I do.  I struggle with my thoughts and disgust and confusion.  It's natural.  Our pick for President didn't win.  We lost a few seats in the US Senate.  We gained in the US House. And we are afraid for our nation.  I have a heavy heart because my one of my worst fears is coming true:  Judgment on our Nation.  Don't discount this.  Just be prepared.

I don't think for a moment we'll see a budget proposed on the national front.  Or that race issues will finally be behind us.   Or that Obamacare will do anything other than destroy jobs.  But that's me.  I can't predict the future.   I just see history.  And it has repeated itself.  So for now, we are still stuck on the train.  Gridlock will be a blessing in disguise.  Harry Reid will be a nightmare.  Thank you Nevada!

But...but...NC made me proud.  We pushed back known bullies (locally - you know who I am talking about), discriminatory tactics (Salmon), ridiculous ideology (BevPart2 Dalton and company), campaigns against citizens (Hewett), etc.

Fiscally responsible candidates won:  Kirk Smith, Pat McCrory, Ron Rabin, Mike Stone, Lt. Dan...

Liberalism lost in our state.   Conservatism won.  

I said all along it's a spiritual battle.  This battle is lost.  But the war is not.  Time to rework our strategy.  Turn to God.  Let him heal our broken hearts.

 I posted this on Facebook this morning.   I mean every word of it:
"Today..I woke up in America. I still have freedom of speech and freedom of worship. No tanks are in my neighborhood. I am employed. I did not riot because President Obama won. My house is still intact. The Constitution still guards us. I am a patriot. I am a memaw. I am in love with this great nation.  I will not give up hope in her.  I can still petition my government. And no man can force me to bow down to anyone other than my God in Heaven. I can still make a difference. As for now, nothing has changed."

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