Friday, December 21, 2012

US House Goes Home For Christmas!

It's about time.  No amount of negotiations, haggling, etc, is going to appease President Obama.  He doesn't even like the plan he presented last year.  Pelosi is trashing the one she suggested back in April/May.  He just wants to make a mockery of the House Republicans.  Frankly, he's doing a pretty good job of it...Boehner is a wimp to me.

But just how stupid do these two think the American public are?

Oh I forgot...they voted back in a President who presided over the single largest tax increase in history -  Obamacare.  They voted back in a President who owns the worst economy in decades with millions and millions out of a job.  Oh they voted in a President that has sharply divided this nation between black and white, rich and poor.

That's how stupid they think we are.  Because 51% are.  I'm not.  I didn't vote that guy in. I voted for the one that could fix the problem.

So I say it's about time the House goes home.  They have passed bill after bill after bill.  They have done their job.  Now it's time for Obama and Reid to do something.  Wait...Obama just left on vacation.  How fitting!  

House Adjourns Until After Christmas

With the defeat of Plan B and the passage of a sequester replacement bill, as well as a $633 billion defense policy bill, the House has adjourned. Tonight, the House Majority Leader’s office announced that the House concluded legislative business for the week; legislative business will continue “after the Christmas holiday when needed.”

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