Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why the Rush, Lee GOP?

Sometimes I don't think the Republican Party gets it.  They just don't.  I've said many times I'll go after Republicans just like I will Democrats and liberals. Here goes:

So I ask: "Why the rush to replace ex-Commissioner Linda Shook?"  Linda transformed the Lee Co Republican Party.  She took it to levels it had never been before.  She broke barriers for many of us women who long felt like the Republicans were a party of a bunch of guys.  Heck, I even got involved! 

As a strong, conservative woman, Linda was consistently beat up, trashed, lied about and blistered by Mr. Keith Clark and others.  They tried their best to discredit her.  When she won the commissioner seat several years ago she was the lone voice on a board of good old boys for conservatism and women.   But she spoke for many of us. Linda was a champion for women in Lee County.   So much for that.

When she became BOC chair, it was an even greater milestone for women.  She showed tenacity, fairness, and led like a champion.  We "grizzly mamas" do just that.  We lead. 

All that for naught.  The Lee GOP sent a press release yesterday to the Herald stating Linda was going to be replaced by Andre Knecht.  Guys, it's only been about three weeks.  Why the rush?  Why did the Lee GOP not come to the now ex-Republican Women's President  and blogger and ask who in our group could replace her?  Is it because they really think RWL was a social hour?  Is it because they discounted this girl all along?  Is it because they don't like "strong conservative women"?  What??   I don't ask that because I wanted the job.  I say it because we needed the replacement to be another Linda.  Your actions, establishment boys, say alot.

I'm sure some in the Lee GOP and RWL didn't like the way I conducted business.  No, I am positive about that.  But you don't totally ignore us!  We put our heart and soul in the last campaign.  Without us, guess who would have been sworn in again?

And did the GOP ignore the warnings of the last election?  There is no way Commissioner Amy Dalrymple won with just the Democrat vote.  She finished miles ahead of any other candidate in the general election.  Republican women are bound to have crossed over and voted for her.  And whether I agree with Amy on issues or not, I plan on getting to know her.

Women want representation.  Can't you establishment Republicans get that?  Times have changed.   You can't just shut us up and call on us to bake desserts when you want them.  

And to boot, the good old boys behind the scenes disregarded (with their rush pick) a strong woman from District 3 who wanted to interview this week.  She voiced her interest in the past few days.  But the "rush" to name Mr. Knecht was apparently already in play.

He might be an excellent commissioner.  Charlie Parks says Mr. Knecht is well researched.  Knows alot of the issues.  Where's he been for the last few years?  Why didn't we see him at BOC meetings - "in the comment section"?  Where are the letters to the editors so we could already know how he feels about issues that are important?  All I know is he goes to lunch with the "in" crowd.  Stays quiet. 

Too many unknowns.   Too fast in the decision.  And a loss for women.  

It's always a loss for Lee Co. when Washington politics are played locally. 

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