Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40 Years Too Many

                                                             by Jonathan Gonia

     As I was sitting in church the other day, an anti-abortion pamphlet was handed out, and I was completely shocked. It was a reminder of the decision made in the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. This was merely 40 years ago, a decision that changed many people’s lives since then.  I wonder if those Supreme Court justices knew what kind of impact this law would have on society and women from then on out.

     Here are some  stats for you that just totally shocked me because I didn’t realize the multitude of abortions that have been made over the years. Since 1973, 55 million babies have been aborted. This is the same amount as the population of 18 states combined!   Why has this not been more publicly announced? A little something else to chew on, we have only lost 1.25 million troops in service to our country in every war combined since 1775. If these figures don’t open some eyes, well then nothing can.
     With everything going on in Washington now, especially gun control. Why have these statistics not been brought forward to people’s attention? They want us to think they are concerned for our welfare, well-being, and keeping the American people safe? If you will fall for this then, well, you will fall for anything. The left-wing wants to take away rights from people who are able to defend themselves. What about the one’s that can’t defend their self? I hear people shouting these days about bringing back the morals, and teaching our young the quality of life.

Well, in my opinion, we should start from the top. These numbers are unacceptable and need to be brought forward. 

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