Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Promises Kept

By: Alex Bridges

Tonight I attended a town hall meeting put on by Hannah Salem, she is the legislative assistant to NC Senator Ronald Rabin. Senator Rabin was also joined by NC Representative Mike Stone. This event is actually a three night event, each town hall directed toward the three counties these gentlemen represent. During their campaign for office they made a promise; they would represent not just one political party, but every citizen in their district. Tonight was the second night in a series that fulfills that promise. All members of the district were given the opportunity tonight to voice their concerns and ideas on the issues facing North Carolina.

Some of the topics included were gun control, voter ID, healthcare and taxes. The meeting was structured as a question/answer session in which the mediator played a very minuscule role. Our representatives weren't talking at us, they were talking to us. I have audio that will be uploaded in the next upcoming days for our readers to listen to. I will also publish the telephone numbers of both representatives so that if you have comments or concerns you too can voice your opinion. I for one am refreshed that promise number one from both of these men have been kept. They are keeping us, the citizens, informed and in the loop on what is happening in our state. 

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