Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Do As I Say Not as I Do" Liberal Mayors

These goody, know it all, liberal mayors want stricter gun laws.  Why don't they push their liberal judges to give stricter sentences to perpetrators?  Keep the thugs in jail! No.  They would rather punish law abiding citizens.

Bless their hearts.  They use those delicious taxes from Gander Mountain, Walmart, and local gun shop sales for whatever. Then turn around and act like they care so much.

Mr. Mayor of whatever city...I'm not turning in my handgun.  I'm not a criminal.  

Hypocrisy example #5010000000.  Go figure...Durham couldn't stop crime if they put every citizen in jail!:

Mayors call on president, Congress to enact tighter gun laws

The mayors of Chapel Hill, Durham and Morrisville unveiled a national television ad against gun violence Monday and called on President Obama and Congress to enact gun-law reforms.

The elected leaders are members of a bipartisan coalition called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which formed in 2006 and includes about 800 mayors nationwide. The local mayors joined others across the country who also spoke out Monday, which marks the one-month anniversary of the mass shootings in Newtown, Conn.
"I can't tell you how disappointed I am that we even need to be here this morning, but this is the right time to have this discussion," Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe said during a brief news conference at Durham City Hall.

Holcombe, Durham Mayor Bill Bell and Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt advocated what the coalition terms a “common-sense approach” to reducing gun violence. They want reforms that include requiring gun purchasers to pass a criminal background check, removing high-capacity weapons and ammunition from the streets and making gun trafficking a federal crime.

"The mayors agree, gun owners agree, Americans agree that now is the time for Washington to create a plan to address gun violence in America," Kleinschmidt said.

He cited a statistic that 33 Americans are shot to death each day.

"This is a tragedy that must be addressed," Kleinschmidt said. "We all know Newtown is just the latest in a long line of small towns and large cities touched by unspeakable violence."

The mayors welcomed a special guest, Uma Loganathan, whose father died in the April 16, 2007, mass shooting at Virginia Tech.G.V. Loganathan was a civil engineering professor who taught class that day even though he was sick, she said. 
Read more:  http://www.wral.com/mayors-call-on-president-congress-to-enact-tighter-gun-laws/11976218/

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