Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey, Mr. Criminal!

Did you hear?  Life's getting good for you, Mr. Criminal..So "Listen up"!

Have you been to NY lately?  Chicago?  Or AnyStupidAmericanTown run by liberals who enact gun bans?  If not, let me give you a reason or two to visit...

1) They have opened their doors to you, Mr. Criminal.  They have basically called law abiding citizens inept.  In other words, they think they are too stupid to learn how to use a gun properly and for the right reason. You, Mr. C,  can do as you please, though.

2) They have a bunch of liberals running around who think you (Mr. criminal) will understand them and just go away if they smile at ya!  Fools will be fools, you know!  Hey, come to think of it, some are right here in Lee Co, NC! 

But please, Mr. C, keep reading for my advice on why you should move....

3) There's a mass of people in NYC just waiting to be robbed, etc.  They don't want to be but the Gov and Nanny Mayor B don't care.   Heck, Nanny B doesn't even want granny to be free of pain in the hospital!  ( 

4)  Did I mention that NY Gov  and Nanny B are all excited about the "stricter" laws?  I'm sure, Mr. Criminal, you'll abide.  The LameStream Media is happy and willing to assist you, Mr. C!

5) Please note if you do visit or move to  NYC...Those convenience stores can only sell you 16 oz drinks.  Drink plenty of fluids before you head out to do your "work". 

6)  Did I mention the stricter gun laws to punish law-abiding citizens, Mr. Criminal?

7)  Oh, Mr. Criminal...real estate will be cheaper before long.  I hear thousands of people are leaving NYC.   Heck, in Chicago, the homicide rash will clean the city out itself.  But note good old Rahm says he needs more gun laws!  You should, Mr. C, feel right at home in Mayor Rahm's care.

8) Mr. more word of advice.. leave the south...

Or you just might meet  Mr. 38 Special!
Have a great day!

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