Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Low Can Hillary Go?

This low...Hillary and company blame Congress for the death of an Ambassador Stevens and four others.   Her department watched the attack in Benghazi.  They could have called in help.  They didn't.  Rescue operations happen all the time.  I hope she sleeps well at night.  By the looks of it, she doesn't.  

And just think who will she blame when Obama gets his way and drastically cuts military spending?  This administration is so hypocritical.  And flat out liars.  May God have mercy on her soul.

The New Lie: Clinton, Dems Blame Congress for Benghazi

 During Senate testimony this today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implied that lack of funding for the State Department was a contributor to the deadliness of the Benghazi terrorist attack in Sept. 2012.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) provided her an opportunity to do this by asking her whether it was resonable to expect anything but trouble if Congress did not fund the State Department's security needs.
Clinton ran with Durbin's premise and pointed out "deficiencies" and "inadequacies" within the department. She said she has spent the last four years "doing what [she] could" to encourage State Dept. officials "to do as much as they could with what they had."
She said the State Department knew it was never going to reach "parity with the Defense Department," and the implication was obvious--Benghazi was at least partially due to a lack of funding. 

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