Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Ban Ski Masks!

Seriously? Masked boys and girls are haunting DC neighborhoods.  No, you don't say so!

DC ..Home of the elitists.  DC ...the same place that has banned handguns from law abiding citizens but the precious Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy and blessed Barack can keep theirs!

Ok let's get won't matter if they have masks on or not!  If they want your stuff, if they want to kill you..they will.  Geez, what if I am cold?  Nope.

Ski masks, a fashion accessory to crime in D.C., may soon be illegal

‘Clearly are problem,’ but ban not feasible

Buying a ski mask isn’t illegal, but could restricting their sale help prevent crime?
The notion is stirring debate among some Northwest Washington residents after reports of robberies committed by men wearing ski masks. The frequency of the robberies also has caught attention of police, who say one neighborhood crew is frequently purchasing masks at a local sports store for the express purpose of committing robberies.

“They clearly are a problem. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see it being mentioned in all the reports,” said Faith Wheeler, an Advisory Neighborhood Commission member from the Takoma neighborhood in Northwest.

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