Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Would Be So Hard About Voter ID?

by Jonathan Gonia
              I found myself in a debate the other day about Voter ID.  I was asked what my opinion on the matter was, and for your answer, I am for it. Actually, I consider myself a strong advocate on the subject.  Why does it seem so invalid to protect the integrity of our voting system? Why not make sure the person voting is who they claim to be?  Why has this even have to be an argument? In my opinion, Voter ID laws should have been in place for a long time now.
              In this debate, I was told that the Republicans were targeting certain groups. What groups? Groups like the non-citizens, felons, and the DEAD maybe?  My point exactly!  It looks like we are being accused of trying to keep the minorities, elderly, and the poor from voting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that these are the groups that need the most voter protection. These are the groups that are targeted for voter fraud the most. What about the precincts in Ohio that voted 100% Obama? This sounds a little fishy to me, libs! I have also been accused of being mad that Obama won the election.  Yeah, well you think. It’s one thing to win the election by popular vote and be the people’s president. When voter tampering is pretty evident it does kind of burn your britches a little.  Why hasn't the 59 precincts in Philadelphia that had 0 votes for Romney or the 9 in Ohio, been brought forward? If these precincts had 0 votes for Romney then why would the Black Panthers need to be there? It just doesn't add up. There was even word that they occupied some of the polls in Greensboro, NC. How would they react if the North Carolina Citizen’s Militia or the some other group showed up at the polls?  I have gotten a little of subject there, but I had to throw that out there.

The whole point is that we need voter ID more now than ever. People say well you are targeting Hispanic illegals! No, I am not. I am targeting any illegal from any country who is not a US citizen. Do you think if they are desperate enough to have the Black Panthers outside of a polling place, that they will not target uneducated illegal minorities to vote for someone that is possible going to grant them amnesty?  
There is also controversy over felons voting. I know of one person who worked on the Obama campaign who said she registered felons to vote. I understand that in North Carolina that you can vote if your term of incarceration and probation/parole is satisfied. How do the people at the polls know if they had their right to vote restored or not?  How do they know? I am really sure that they were checking that.
I also think that there should but some kind of way to tell if someone has voted more than once. I have heard from several different sources that there were churches in Sanford, which would pick their parishioners up and take them to several different polling places. This is crazy! Something needs to be done.
So there’s my spill. Proof to vote all the way! If you have to have an ID to do every other essential function in day to day life, such as buy alcohol, tobacco, write a check, get healthcare, and etc. Then why not to vote? It’s not that much to ask.

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