Friday, January 18, 2013

The Super's Short Term Memory Problem

In Wednesday's Sanford Herald, this article ran.  Note the 2nd paragraph.

School board approves security, reading programs

Jan. 16, 2013 @ 05:03 AM
Local public schools are about to get more secure, and the children, or at least some of them, are about to get more help reading.

Superintendent Jeff Moss said that based on conversation he's had with the three middle schools' principals in Lee County, he estimates more than half of students in grades 6-8 can't read at grade level, and that there's something he thinks could change that, if it's expanded.

Read the entire article:

But wait now..if memory serves me correctly,  Dr. Moss had a hissy fit at a certain CEAD forum back in October, 2012, when Commissioner candidate Frank Del Palazzo mentioned  some "not so flattering stats" about the Lee Co School System.  To be sure the Super hasn't forgotten, has he?  Better get to the doc, Jeff.  Just charge it to the taxpayers.  You know the drill.

Anyway, Dr. Moss didn't take much time hurrying to the microphone and challenging Mr. Del Palazzo.  I remember Dr. Moss saying he wanted to know who was saying that because it wasn't true (paraphrased).   And when and if  I can get my hands on the CEAD forum video (might I add it seems to have disappeared off the net), I'll post it on this blog.  I can find 2010, 2011, Spring 2012 but that controversial one ...hmmm  just isn't coming up in my search.  Go figure!

The question remains:  Why are more than half of students in 6-8 grades  reading below grade level?  Now if you tell me it's because of demographics, I simply won't buy it.  I can see some of that with the influx of  Hispanics.  But more than "half"?  No.  Where's the answer, Dr. Moss? Seems,  Mr. Del Palazzo was definitely on to something....
The middle-school kids were the guinea pigs for Rosetta Stone, right?  Didn't our school board praise the Rosetta Stone initiative? 

Below is a statement made by Dr. Moss on the program:

Lee County Schools Launches "A World of Languages"

SANFORD, N.C. - Local students could enter middle school speaking Chinese or graduate high school with academic credit for Russian and Arabic when a new language initiative begins in Lee County schools this fall.

"A World of Languages" offers students, teachers and staff an opportunity to learn any of 25 languages - not just the few traditionally available in classroom courses - using Rosetta Stone, the world's leading language-learning software.

The Rosetta Stone project actually began in March, when middle schools began using the online version designed for classrooms. But beginning this fall, all students, teachers and staff at every school in the county can use the service at their own pace - 24 hours a day and for free.

It's a groundbreaking approach designed to open new opportunities for Lee County students.

"We live in a competitive world where success means working with people around the globe, not just people working in our area," says superintendent Jeff Moss. "Now, our students have a real competitive advantage."

Competitive advantage?  Not if you can't read at a competent level!  Note folks, if the middle school kids using it are not reading at grade level (which Dr. Moss admitted so in Wednesday's article), how much are they benefiting from Rosetta Stone?  Shouldn't they be reading ENGLISH at grade level first?  Please...I don't want the more advanced students to suffer.  No no no.  The liberal way is to make all kids suffer "to be fair" or to promote so no one gets offended.   The conservative way is to promote where applicable and work continually and positively with the others. Not to make ALL pay the price!

Listen, I'm just merely pointing out the hypocrisy and questionable comments made by our esteemed educational board and leaders.  How can everything be ok back in October (right before an election) and not so good in January?  Just 3 months later?  

Oh my, of course....And the solution is always more money!  Duh...Let me slap my forehead for even thinking something different.

I know Dr. Moss and Southern Lee High School Principle Bonnie Almond are BFF.  He should know this stuff.  Does he not pay attention to any other principle's concerns?  This has to be common knowledge among the staff.  

Observation:  Is the "newly discovered" reading issue one of those "magically delicious" reasons for tooting year-round schools?  Was this discussed at last week's BOE meeting?  If not, why not? Just asking!
  And we can talk about the "laptop initiative" at another time.  I said this from day one...if a child can't do the basics....reading, writing and arithmetic...what good are these techie tools? 

Regardless, back to  the CEAD forum...Right after Dr. Moss' challenge to Mr. Del Palazzo that really meant he should be "ashamed" for saying such things,  the infamous "FU" fiasco happened.  

Surely you remember "the incident", right?  No need to worry.  I'll remind you.  And that leads me to another blog entry...
But first I must say... I don't care how many times the Sanford Herald tries to twist it or how many times the Lee Co Board of Education dodges questions on really happened.  I am a witness along with many, many others.    Stay tuned! 

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