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McCrory, Moss and Denials!

We have made it clear here at FBC that we will challenge Republicans just as much as Democrats.  This is just like any other day.  So....

Governor McCrory makes me proud one day with his stance on ObamaCare.  And the next, I swear he must be off his rocker.

That's the way I feel after I see these words by Jeff Moss in an article from The Island Packet and a finalist for the Superintendent job in Beaufort, SC:

In a questionnaire submitted to Ray and Associates, he said, "The Governor of North Carolina has tentatively offered me the position of Education Policy Adviser, which is the equivalent of state superintendent, but he cannot match my salary."

I guess he can't, Super.  My goodness, Dr. Moss has a gold mine here in Lee County.  With benefits and incentives, he makes close to if not over $200,000 for a school system with less than 10,000  students.  That would be a nice deal for anyone. 

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It's pretty obvious Dr. Moss isn't too happy.  I mean, after all, there's this word "accountability" that has come into play.  The current Lee County Board of Commissioners is no longer under "give Dr. Moss what he wants" control.  In other words, the Democrats are not in control.  And we the people are speaking up.  

And we don't take too kindly to the bully pulpit tactics that occurred not too long ago during budget negotiations.  And some of us who actually witnessed the "FU" incident called out the Super.  And his cohorts still deny what we witnessed!  And then there's the 3rd grade writing assignment.  And the paring knife incident that caused a kid to be expelled, arrested but acquitted.  Nice going, Jeff!

We know he's applied in Pinellas County and in Duval County, Florida, Beaufort, SC and with the State of NC.   So he's not happy!  Cool..but a state job? Ugh.

Is Pat off his rocker?  Oh my...he must be if Dr. Moss' statement is true and I have no reason to think it wouldn't be.  This blogger had already heard the rumors of him applying at the state level.  

FYI - A good superintendent is more than one who can spend money.  It's one who leads.  Who owns up to his mistakes.  Who acts professional at all times.  Who doesn't use kids as pawns in a political game. 

Let's agree...Dr. Moss has lead in several areas.  We have seen some improvements.  But his actions have been extremely questionable at times.  And the Lee County Board of Education, along with Dr. Moss, think nothing of asking for millions more in taxpayer dollars without justifying why.  I've asked many many times for reasons.  Just tell us what it will be used for.  But ... Silence.  And that's why I take issue with the Lee Co. BOE and Dr. Moss.  I see them as unaccountable bullies.  "Do as I say and not as I do" type.  Just like the ones they proclaim to protect our children from. 

Moss has the audacity to say the following about those of us who were at the CEAD forum where he did use some very disgusting language: 

"I said Brian and others needed to get themselves under control, because the entire night they were being rude in their comments and flipping me the middle finger," Moss said.

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Yours truly was sitting directly behind McRae with a 14 year old by my side.  Moss was two benches behind me.  No one was flipping him the bird that I saw.  But if anyone behind me did, please do the right thing and apologize. 

Warning:  No two words in the English language make me madder than "F...U".  Just ask someone who's been near me when I hear them.  Ask those who have commented or posted something on Facebook using those words. 

So Super Moss...Rude is putting your finger in Commissioner Womack's face.  Rude is also chastising Mr. Del Palazzo about his comments on Lee Co schools when  6-8th graders in your school system were reading below grade level.  And over 50%. 

Read: The Super's Short Term Memory Problem

Do not even try to tell me this came as a surprise to you, Dr. Moss,  just a couple months later!  If it did ...then we have the wrong people on the Board of Education and the wrong Superintendent.  Nevertheless,  the BOE and the Super think highly of themselves.  There is no accountability from them.  How dare the taxpayers ask questions!  How dare the taxpayers rebuke anything they do! Frankly, it's hard to believe anyone on that board can see the truth.  Well Maybe Wendy.  Maybe Mark.

But one board member's statements are so out of character even I wonder who put a spell on him or did aliens take over his mind!  Here's why I think that:

"The board couldn't verify what was said," Sharpe said. "There was some kind of confrontation, but there were conflicting reports. ... I've been on the board since 2008, and that's the only thing that's come into question since he's been superintendent."

Really, Mr. Sharpe? This is the ONLY  thing that's come into question?  Really?

Press Release from Cameron Sharpe; Lee County School Board Member

Is this the same Cameron Sharpe who was sitting on the back row at the forum (the same row as Dr. Moss)?  Two rows behind me?  Is this the same Cameron Sharpe who spoke out against the 3rd grade fiasco? (Follow link above) Is this him?  Told you I don't care what side a politician is on..He/she is accountable to us!  Mr. Sharpe's comments are simply stunning!  And I believe he should explain himself. 

As citizens, we simply ask that our leaders, elected or hired, be honest, truthful, trustworthy and have integrity.  And all the time.  Is that really too much to ask?  Nope! Especially when it's shoved in our face 24 x7 that everything they do is  always "for the children". 

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