Friday, March 15, 2013

LCSS: No NC Senator Honors for Your Kids!

Let me get this off my chest right now:  Regarding the three so-called conservatives on the school board...have they sold completely out now?   My vote seems to have been wasted on these three:  Cameron Sharpe, Mark Akinosho, and Wendy Carlyle.   I've stated it many, many times that I have no problems going after the so-called right.  And I could care less how mad they get at me. 

According to the Sanford Herald, they voted with the other "it's for the children" squealers, Lynn Smith, Linda Smith, John Bonardi, and  Tamara Brogan,  to squash Senator Rabin's attempt to say "Job Well Done!" to honor roll kids at Tramway and Broadway Elementary schools.  [UPDATE:  All school honor rolls would have been acknowledged.] The excuse?  Well it might not be appropriate.  Other groups might want to send stuff home via the school.  It might violate Public Forum law.   

  "Turned down a request by Sen. Ronald Rabin to get lists of honor roll students to send out congratulations. Moss explained the district currently does not give data like that to outside groups despite frequent requests, and board members unanimously agreed, with some saying it could look political and others saying it could set schools down a slippery slope."

I want the statute that states our representatives are forbidden to send letters to the schools for distribution.  I can understand if it was political. But it wasn't.  At least not with Senator Rabin.  And I doubt that was the case with Bobby Etheridge or anyone else in politics. By the way, when did a NC Senator become a "group"?  Seems to me Dr. Moss made it political.  Doesn't it?

Furthermore, we're not talking about LGBT, United Way, Girl Scouts, Communities in School  backpacks filled with propaganda, etc.  No, this is a sitting NC Senator that just wants to say keep up the good work!  And from what I am told, the principals were thrilled.  But, as usual, the Lee County School Board deems otherwise.  I wonder if LEED PAC wanted something sent out if the BOE would approve it?

Like many have said on Facebook...I guess it's ok to send letters to legislators from 3rd graders begging daddy for more money or else EOG testing can't happen.  But it's not ok for our legislators to say good job?  That's just bull.

This is the template of the letter that was going to go home with the kids.  Senator Rabin's office provided it to this blogger:

There isn't anything wrong with this!  I was thrilled when I received a letter...from the principal, my teacher, someone in the community, whomever...congratulating me on anything.  It's a morale booster.  It's what our representatives do.  You never know who might need an extra motivator to propel through life.

Do you know how happy I was last year that AFP thought this blog was worthy of a trip to Vegas?  You have no idea.  Vegas?  OMG!  And all expenses paid too.  I was humbled.  And very very proud of the work we do here at FBC.  It might not mean anything to anyone else, but to me ... well..I was like a child when I found out.  You would have thought I had won the lottery!

Just imagine what a kid would feel getting this letter.  Just imagine how the parent would feel.  I doubt they would say "Oh that's just political.  I'm going to trash it." 

I suspect the "unanimous vote" had more to do with a certain bill Senator Rabin is a part of than anything else.  Because the status quo is...don't you touch the school board.  They are above reproach.  And now instead of 4 that I don't trust, it's 7!  

Parents, Friends...I urge you to contact Senator Rabin's office for more information.  Ask them what you can do to stop the nonsense.  Other counties allow this.  Why not Lee?

Phone: (919) 733-5748
Legislative Mailing Address: NC Senate
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 526
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

Furthermore, I urge you to contact our school board members.  Ask them where the letters are?  Ask them if they were destroyed or maybe sent back?  If you disagree with their actions, let them know.  Make them answer your questions. They are suppose to represent us.  It's obvious that some are not listening or they don't remember why they were elected to the position.  Listed below,  are the numbers and email addresses of the BOE.  

Don't let them make smack down your child's accolades from those they may disagree with. 

After all, "it's for the children"!

Dr. Lynn Smith, Chairman
(919)776-8083 (Home)
Tamara Brogan
919-776-9605 (Home)
Wendy Hughes Carlyle
919-353-4987 (cell)
John T. Bonardi
(919)  776-2789 (Home)
Linda A. Smith
 (919) 774-6781 (Home)
Cameron Sharpe
 (919) 498-2250 (Home)
Mark K. Akinosho
(919) 775-8133 (Home)

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