Saturday, March 30, 2013

Not Your Grandmother's Sex Education

         Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), a comprehensive sex education program, is supported with our tax dollars and by Planned Parenthood.  This is not sex education like you might imagine.  For one thing, it redefines abstinence as "choosing not to do any sexual activity that carries a risk for pregnancy or STD/HIV" according to Rita Diller, national director for

       From the article linked below:   Last year Diller’s parent organization, American Life League, released a video titled “Hooking Kids on Sex,” graphically detailing just what Planned Parenthood sex education is. It went viral and was viewed almost one-quarter million times in the first week before a PP activist got YouTube to suspend it. ALL came back with Hooking Kids on Sex (II). Even those who thought they knew Planned Parenthood were shocked. 

        The video’s moderator, Michael Hichborn, argues that PP follows the same business model as a drug dealer:  Young children are encouraged to masturbate and explore their bodies with mirrors to introduce them to sexuality. Hichborn says of the graphic pictures used to “educate” pre-pubescent children, “If a dirty old man showed these things to a ten year old in a park, he would be arrested. But when Planned Parenthood shows them to kids in a classroom, it gets government money.”

         I suggest you read the article for yourself.  I am warning you that some parts might shock you, depending on your sensibilities.  It burns me up that tax dollars are being used for this. 



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