Monday, April 1, 2013

Will This Happen in America?

Can you imagine the panic in Cyprus?  You're working hard paying your bills and saving where you can and then your government announces they are going to seize 10% of your bank account.  They need to pay a debt they racked up!  And they closed the banks and limited ATM transactions.  The citizens' money that they earned...seized.  Stolen. 

Europe’s leaders run out of credit in Cyprus

 OMG...10%  of my savings would be devastating.  And I don't have alot.  And I also didn't rack up the debt the US has incurred.  Our frenemies in Congress just can't stop spending.  
Why can't they take care of protecting property,  life and liberty for the people and get rid of the extravagant excursions and wasteful spending?  They could.

So when will this happen in America?  Surprise!  Wake up.

It's already here in America.  And it's called "Legalized theft" - Taxation.  Those of us who earn a paycheck experience the bulk of it every paycheck.  Then there's gas taxes; sales taxes; taxes on utilities; services, etc.  When our paychecks run out, where will the US government go then?  Print more money?  Completely ruin the dollar?  We're on that path!

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