Monday, March 4, 2013

The Day VA Gov McDonnell Turned

Last year at AFP's "Defending the American Dream" Summit in DC, we had the pleasure of hearing some really good speakers.  Michelle Malkin, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Laura Ingraham (wow she was good), Brent Bozzell (Media Research Center) and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.  His speech came right before Governor Scott Walker.  No notes. Nothing.  Just fabulous.

Talk about hope.  Yes, when you hear these guys, and you are a conservative, you get your hopes really high believing there are politicians who won't sell their souls.  There are politicians who know that "we the people" are suffering.  They know they can't keep spending.  And they walk the walk they talk.

And then...they drop the bomb.  They raise taxes.  They go against everything you heard in those speeches.  They turn.  

GOP VA Governor Bob McDonnell did just Friday.  He and his legislature passed sweeping tax bill on the citizens of that state.  Read from the following:

Wall Street Journal
A Cavalier Fiasco

Washington Post
Virginia lawmakers approve sweeping transportation plan

And reading this article, After roads deal, Virginia Gov. McDonnell faces Republican identity crisis, I guess I know why:

"...A cautious politician, the term-limited governor has stepped out in his final year to back a compromise that could burnish his legacy with everyone but his conservative base."

So I guess if he wasn't term limited, he would care that our country is going down a horrible path?  He might feel the pain of his constituents?  He might fight another day for conservatismAppears not.  Hypocrite.



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