Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trying To Remain Positive

Well, it's been quite a while since I have posted anything.  I finally retired end of December 2012 and I can tell everyone I finally came to really know what it means by the comment: You will know when it is time for you to hang it up.

I hung it up from working with the government for 27 years.  I have seen good things and many bad things.  Change is not always good but you have to deal with it.  Firsthand I have seen the waste in government when it comes to Medicare.  My coworker, who I will not call by name, was heading up a program call SHIIP (Seniors Health Insurance Program).  I have seen folks come in the office who I can truely say I felt sorry for.  Who were struggling on how they would pay for the high cost of their drugs.  One elderly lady told me she didn't buy food in order to pay for the medicine she needed.  I nearly cried.

One day this young gal came in looking for some help with her medicine.  I sat and listened to her and I could tell her elevator didn't go all the way up, forgive me for that comment, but all know what I mean.  She and I sat and talked for a while and I had to tell her that my agent was not in today and that she would have to come back.  She broke down and cried and Lord that touched my heart.  Well, my job was to make appointments for my agent and that is all.  But I could not let this lady leave without trying to help her the best I knew how.  Well, I got on the phone to the SHIIP office in Raleigh and talked to one of the coordinators up there.  And do you know we sat right there in my office and along with the help of the SHIIP coordinator, we got that gal signed up for some assistance on her drugs.  She turned to me smiled and hugged my neck and I started crying.  I helped someone that day.  I made someone feel better that day and geeze if only our government could feel that way about the citizens of the United States.

Government waste:  Well a man came in one day to see if he could get help in paying for his sex pill (Viagria).  Yes, you heard it straight from the horses mouth, Viagria.  I had to leave the room to keep from losing it and do you know he got his help for his 6 pills a month.  I wanted to tell him to get his sorry butt out of there and if you don't get your pills you ain't gonna die.  Geezeeeee some men just get to me.  Good news though before I left, Medicare stopped funding Viagria.  Praise the Lord, something good for a change.

I tried to stay positive in my work as you can see I did some days and some I did not, considering the situation I had to face each day.  I had to work with all kinds of people.  Smart ones, stupid ones, young, old and all races.  It always baffled me to see a young black man come in, loaded down with gold around his neck, cell phone (one that I would not pay that kind of money for), Tommy Hilfiger jeans, leather jacket and wanted to get help on medicine.  I tried to keep a straight face but it was hard.  I gritted my teeth so much to keep from saying anything, my poor teeth are worn down.   I had a joke going (but it is facts) that these people must have an Obama phone.  And they did.

Well, I could go on with the experiences I had to face at my job but it would go on forever.  It's hard these days to stay in a positive way.  I often forget who has control, our Lord and Saviour.  Did everyone hear about how Blue Cross/Blue Shield is down in revenue, but the executives salaries have skyrocketed.  Some of them making over a million dollars a year.  Wonder what the Lord will say to them when they meet their maker.  You think he will say:  Charles, I see you were gouging folks in insurance premiums, but you were living high off the hog.   What's that, do I hear one of them crying their eyes out and asking for forgiveness for living like a king while the rest of us had to live within our means and still pay out of the pocket.  Lord, let me stop.  I could go on and on.

Well, folks I do try to keep a positive attitude so that is why I am sitting here tonight writing on my sister,  Sheila Barber's blog and listening to my man on the radio, Barry Manilow.  Now that is a guy who keeps me in a positive way.   Take care till next time.  I was in a good mood this evening when I read a cartoon that Joe Biden told Obama he needed to back off on the rednecks.  He told him it was hunting season and Obama was the target, lol.  Now that should put you in a positive attitude.  


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