Thursday, April 4, 2013

ALERT! CCCC's New Bathroom Advisory!

Just in...If you go to CCCC, use the bathroom before you go to school!  You may not like the new policy about "bathroom usage".  The LGBT community will love it though.

Word on the street is the faculty at CCCC were told yesterday afternoon in a meeting that starting immediately "transgenders" and those that "feel they were born the wrong sex" will be allowed to visit any bathroom of their choice!  

And without faculty interruption!  Now do you like it that a girl can watch you pee! Girls??

So I have some questions...what will keep straight boys and girls out of each other's bathrooms now?  And how do you keep Joe Sick Head (description updated)  from coming in off the street  and going into the girl's bathroom?  What would he care if anyone thought he wasn't right?  How could you tell?  Will they give out new CCCC badges that unlock the doors? 

Too many unanswered questions to implement a policy like this.  And too many freaks out for a thrill to trust people will do the "right" thing.  Good intentions don't always end well.

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Billy Liggett said...

I doubt Joe Sick Head Pedophile cares about college kids.

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