Monday, May 6, 2013

Fitzsimon's Pandering to the Low Info Voter....

Intuitive Commentary by Kirk Smith
The recent Commentary by the ever progressive Chris “Fits-Foot-In-Mouth” (Fitzsimon) “Pandering to the Shaking Heads” ( was predictably decrying the horrors of “hidden and loaded guns” amongst the dumb-masses!

For clarification Chris, the proper definition of the “hidden and loaded guns” in the hands of law-abiding citizens is: Concealed Handgun Permit Holder.  They by their nature are “law-abiding,” whose training emphasizes proper use as well a full understanding of firearms safety and laws.  I am more comfortable with a citizen who has a Concealed Handgun Permit than I am of the criminal who is carrying a “hidden and loaded gun!” 

Chris would have you believe that local governments and municipalities should have a right to undermine an individual’s Second Amendment and the North Carolina Constitution Article 30.  Poor Chris, he is reverting to his racist progressive Democrat party’s past!  You see the first local gun control laws were designed to keep certain minorities “disarmed” so as to allow them to live in constant fear and intimidation by the ruling progressives!  Today’s progressive would like us all disarmed so as to allow them total control over the masses.  How dare you criticize their good intentions!

Chris sees no problem with a law requiring a waiter or waitress demanding that the patron, who is ordering an adult beverage, prove that they are not carrying!  How would the “Anti-Christian Lawyers Union” (ACLU) react to a law that has the waiter or waitress asking a consumer of alcoholic beverage if they have their car keys on them?  How many people die at the hands of a “loaded” (drunk) driver behind the wheel of a four wheel battering ram?  Furthermore many of our family style restaurants have not only a dining area but also serve alcohol.  It is not a stretch to mandate that if you are carrying, you don’t consume!

Does Chris know that to legally purchase a firearm, that is exercise one’s  Second Amendment Right, you must provide a valid picture I.D.?  Yet the progressives decry any attempt to secure our ballot box by requiring I.D.!  Where in the Bill of Rights does it state a “right” to vote?  I can show you were we have the “Individual” right to keep and bear arms (military style weapons)!  

Has Chris walked along the lovely greenways that the earth worshipers demand we all use and encountered a criminal carrying a hidden and loaded gun?  How many robberies, rapes, and murders occur on these secluded “green ways?”  Chris you have nothing to fear from a law abiding citizen properly carrying a concealed firearm.  They are helping protect their life, their liberty, and their property and they might just help you!

As always, I shall remain, in Search of Our GOD Given Liberties!

Kirk Smith

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