Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Hope Not!

It's no secret...I have alot of disgust for the current President of the United States.  He doesn't unite.   He divides.  He apologizes constantly on foreign soil.  He pits poor against rich.  But chums with the richest in the nation!  He is an elitist himself.  And he simply acts like he hates the America that afforded him the opportunity to be the first black President of this great nation. 

But even after all that, I pray, I pray that what Rep. Chaffetz says here isn't true.  Because you know, whether PBO wants to admit it or not, the buck stops with him.  He was Hillary's boss at the time.  You simply can't deny it, PBO.  You had to know what was going on.

But I pray this isn't true.  If it is, he should be removed from office.  Do you think the Lamestream media would have let Nixon or Reagan survive?  No.  Nope. Nada.

Chaffetz: Benghazi Testimony Will Reveal Military Was Told To Stand Down

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