Monday, June 17, 2013

Sanford City Council: Change of Heart??

Or is it just fear of not being re-elected? 

Probably the latter.  Seems good old Sam Gaskins and Rolly Poly Cohen are backing off the $14 million dollar bond referendum on November's ballot.  But, Sheila!  Just a few weeks ago they were all eager to put it forth.  What happened?

Well, what happened might be the realization that the citizens of Sanford are hurting.  The economy is not rebounding at great leaps like liberals say it is.  Stats matter.  A couple of weeks ago, Will Doran reported in the Sanford Herald that Lee County's unemployment was hanging around 10.6%.  

Now do any of you with a right mind think all that are unemployed live outside the city limits?  That number doesn't even begin to be accurate.  How about the "under - employed"?  Or the ones who have just quit looking?  They are not in the 10.6% figure.

So maybe some common sense is prevailing with the City Council.

Oops.  Not a chance.  They still will pass a budget that increases our taxes by 4-5%.  They are still the good hearted liberals who never met a tax increase they didn't like. Their cotton picking hearts just can't stop spending!!  They still remind me of good old Doc Oldham.

All except Mr. Charles Taylor...He's the only one on that council that has a brain.  

And he uses it.

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