Wednesday, June 19, 2013

City Council: The Spat

UPDATED:  Word on the street is Sam's a bit upset.  He's been rumored to have been  flirting with disaster by talking about our esteemed mayor, Cornelia Olive, behind her back.  And the "First Lady" of Sanford doesn't like it.   

Apparently after I left the City Council meeting Tuesday night, sparks flew when the meeting was finished. And it was witnessed by many, according to my source. Wish I had stuck around to see the boxing match.  I hear some harsh words escaped both of them. So maybe I am glad I didn't see them in that way.

But I must ask:  Does Sam dislike women?  He won't respond to my questions.  Banned my email address.  And he's suppose to be my Ward representative!  Now fusses with the First Lady of Sanford! In public!  Shameful! 

So have the battle lines been drawn?   Cornelia vs Sam?

(Note pictures are from City of Sanford website)

 Or will Sam fall to pieces in his bid to become mayor?  

Let's see what Ms. Patsy Cline has to say about this:

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