Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seriously, Brother Barber!

Hypocrisy, hypocrisy.  Brother Barber says the NC GOP is hurting people.  

Trust me, he's no relation to this girl.  

But exactly how, Willie, are the Republicans on Jones Street hurting you?   You look like you're eating well.  Sleeping well.  Got lots of time on your hands to do nothing but incite your anger. I bet you don't offer your home to the homeless in downtown Raleigh.  Did you feed someone looking for food yesterday while you were protesting?  Doubt it.

So, are the "R" legislators bothering you by  letting the citizens keep more of their money instead of giving it to people who keep you at the reins of the NAACP?  We are trying to feed our families and take care of our lives.  We don't want government in our lives like they are now.  We succeed when government doesn't.

How hypocritical for someone who claims to be of "the cloth" yet encourages breaking the law!  Brother isn't moral to steal from others. It isn't moral to constantly bash those of other races.  And it definitely isn't moral to keep people in poverty just so you can be rich!!

From Civitas:

Barber: ‘We Will Probably Escalate’

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Given all the other news coverage of Moral Mondays, you might have missed this interview with William Barber in the American Prospect. It’s worth reading for two reasons:
…In [Governor’s McCrory’s] first week in office, something happens that we deem immoral and extreme…We had to have a moral challenge because these policies theyrev. barber were passing, in rapid-fire, were constitutionally inconsistent, morally indefensible, and economically insane.
There’s a lot here in this section. Essentially, it sums up Barber’s justification for mass lawbreaking. So I’d like to pick this apart a little bit, sentence by sentence.
…Something happens that we deem immoral and extreme.
It’s funny how the plural pronoun can be used to gain credibility and distance at the same time. If you say, “I deemed this to be immoral and extreme,” your credibility comes under scrutiny. But if you say “We deemed this to be immoral and extreme,” suddenly you are both unassailable and disassociated from ownership or responsibility.
But it bears asking – who is Reverend Barber to “deem” anything? Is he an elected official? Was he elevated by the ballot box to a position of trust and authority? No – he was not.
We had to have a moral challenge because these policies they were passing…were constitutionally inconsistent, morally indefensible, and economically insane.
Apparently the majority of North Carolina does not agree, seeing as they picked these officials to enact exactly those policies.

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