Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sanford Residents: You got Taxed!

Oh one of my favorite movies is "You've Got Mail".  I cry every time I hear "Brinkley!" and see Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) walk around the corner after him.  And Shop Girl (Meg Ryan) is simply stunned.  Oh, how wonderful love can be.

There was no love for the citizens at Tuesday night's City Council meeting.  They voted to give city residents a tax increase.  Who cares if you can feed your family.  Property taxes were raised from 51 cents/$100 value to 54 cents/$100 value.  So if you own a home worth $100,000 in this economy, you now will pay $30.00 more a year.  

Shoot...they even increased your trash collection fees!  You will now be paying $25 more for someone to give you nice pretty bins and haul off your trash.  You nasty citizens!

Where are you going to get that from if you're unemployed or under-employed?  Shoot how about all of you who have given up looking for jobs? $55.00 might not seem like much to you..but it is to someone barely making it.  Let's face it...government will get what they want from you.  You have no say.  

So I hope you enjoy walking on the greenway.  And eating less.

I don't think common sense prevails anymore in Sanford.  Higher property taxes equals higher rent.  It equals higher prices for goods at the stores.  And more than likely will mean less interest in our city by businesses. 

But what the heck!  According to ex-commissioner Richard Hayes tonight,  the only reason people come to our town is because of Depot Park.  And gosh darn-it, it needs more money!

Hmmm...I guess we should look on the bright side.  They wanted a 7 cents increase.  They got a 3 cent one.  Is that what you call a victory?  

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