Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's Next: Barbie and Ken?

Seriously, folks.  How far will these feel-good liberals go?  Before you know it, school principals will want kids to turn in
"Big Wheels".  Lord how mercy, we can't have any of the kids wanting a souped up play car to ride in the cul-de-sac when they get home from school!  Their little toes might get squashed!  Or somebody else might be offended!

And let's not let them have "Barbie and Ken".  No the nanny state will insist on "Ken and GI Joe".  All in the name of diversity, you know! Geez.  Oh wait...GI Joe will meet his fate because we know the nanny liberals don't like the military!  Ughhhh!


Strobridge Elementary Principal Charles Hill has a brilliant idea: he’s holding a toy gun exchange next Saturday in which students of the Hayward, CA school can turn in a toy gun to receive a book and a raffle ticket to win one of four bicycles.

Hill believes that children who play with toy guns may not think real guns are dangerous. “Playing with toy guns, saying ‘I’m going to shoot you,’ desensitizes them, so as they get older, it’s easier for them to use a real gun,” he claims. 
Hill was inspired by a school photographer, Horace Gibson, who was upset about the number of police shootings of young people in Oakland.

At Strobridge Elementary Safety Day, a local policeman will demonstrate bicycle and gun safety, (does he get to use a real gun?), while the Alameda County Fire Department will speak about fire safety. Just to show that local governments can do surveillance too, there will be opportunities for the children to be fingerprinted and photographed, with that information transferred to CD’s if it is ever needed for a missing child case.

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