Thursday, June 13, 2013

City Council: Ramming it Down our Throats!

Over the past few years I have noticed the Sanford City Council absolutely doesn't care if you or me feed our family.  They don't care if there is a recession. They don't care if we have empty buildings downtown.  They don't care if a business is suffering.

Argue with me all you want but I live in Realville.  Six council members, the city manager, and our darling Mayor who nominated herself for an award,  live in  Fantasyland.  Or should I say  "Far Far Away" from reality.

They give The Temple Theatre money.  They insist on running a losing business - Sanford Golf course (check the budget for how much they throw at it).  They even want to build a new clubhouse at the Sanford Golf Course because more people might play golf!  Good grief.  They want to expand the greenway.  They want to tax, tax, tax.  

On the docket for Tuesday night's meeting is a vote on the Budget.  And at least 5% but possibly a 7% increase in our property taxes.   Councilman Taylor has asked for a separate budget session (see video in the last couple of weeks) but has been denied.  Click the link for videos and minutes:

This is the budget:

Take time to read it Sanford residents.  You are going to get a tax increase no matter what if you do not gather other individuals and protest this.  So I ask you..get on the phone and show up Tuesday night.  Let's make our voices heard.  Let's pack the house.  And bring others who may not live in the city but are concerned about higher taxes.  Regardless whatever the council does, it will affect all of us in Lee County.  It may even prevent the job you are suppose to have but won't get because businesses won't come.  After all, a business is in business to make money.  Not pay for Cornelia Olive's, Sam Gaskins', Poly Cohen's, Rebecca Wyhof's, Jimmie Haire's, Hal Hegwer's, J Williams', or Walter McNeil's wishes.  

Here are contact numbers/email addresses:

City Manager's Office:

Janice J. Cox, Deputy City Clerk
(919) 777-1112
(919) 775-8205 fax

Contact City Council members:

Sam Gaskins

Poly Cohen

Rebecca Wyhof

Jimmy Haire

Walter McNeil

James Williams


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