Wednesday, July 17, 2013

UPDATE: Breaking: Bonnie Resigns!

UPDATE:  Word on the street is Bonnie has been hired by her school boyfriend, Jeff Moss, to work in Beaufort, SC.  I pity those citizens. They will need reinforcements if they don't want to lose their butts!  Beaufort allows the school system to raise taxes at any time they choose.  So Jeff and Bonnie will have a blast.  For the rest of the Beaufort community...may the force be with you!  

Just saw this on the Sanford Herald's Facebook Page:

Bonnie Almond resigns from Lee Co School System.    Just a week ago she got a cushy job as Director of Academic Services.  So what's up?

Surely most of you remember she was very aggressive in making sure a Senior who brought a paring knife to school was deemed a criminal.  

Maybe she just can't face a day without her good ol' pal:  Jeff Moss!

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