Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slick Sammy Is Scared!

Just like Slick Willie Clinton, Lee Co has its own version:  Sam Gaskins.  

Somebody ask him:  What you scared of, Sam?  Is Sam afraid of the voters?  Is Sam afraid when people see a bond referendum on the ballot along with his name it will turn them off?  Yes he is.

Sam convinced three  of the 7 City Council members to vote "Yes" to move the bond referendum from the November election back to the September primary.  Charles Taylor, Rebecca Wyhof and Jimmy Haire voted No. Thank you three!

Sam has to be scared of you! How else can you explain the bond referendum now being on the primary ballot in September than on the ballot in November?  He is fully aware that voter turnout is lower in primaries.  He is fully aware that while the Obama administration is attacking our freedoms right and left and inciting hate all across our country that you can barely keep track.  And that it wears us down.

Sam is a coward.  A pure coward.  And so are the other 3 who voted to move the bond referendum.

I say "Let's take back Sanford."  Boot their butts off that board and send these spend thrifts, "we don't care if you can't feed your family" thugs away.

Yep, I called them thugs.  They steal from you and me anytime, anywhere, anyhow by threatening to raise taxes and water/sewer rates whenever they don't get their way.  Oh wait..they just did that!  

Yea, they believe you and me are idiots.

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