Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ellmers and the "Boehner Effect"!

Talk about a reversal!  As  past President of Republican Women of Lee County,  I had the pleasure of meeting Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  We held an event for her last year at the Lee GOP HQ.  You see, I believed in her.  I believed she had the guts to do what was right for the American people.  I believed she would put "we the people"  in front of a re-election.  
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Dang, I was wrong.  If her reversal on defunding the most intrusive, power grabbing, citizen controlling legislation  with the Continuing Resolution isn't one of the best reasons to go Independent, not much is.  It is no secret Obamacare is horrible.  It's destroying our design.  Employers are not hiring.  And full time employees are being demoted to part time so the businesses will avoid having to carry insurance on them.  I don't blame the businesses.  I blame the government.
So when I heard the right side of the aisle talk  about defunding Obamacare, I carelessly thought my Representative would be on board.  WRONG!

Renee Ellmers campaigned on getting rid of it.  But every time she has  a chance, she folds. She is exempted.  Congress is exempted.  You and me are not.  

The longer the House of Representatives, the ones with the purse strings, wait, the harder it will be to get rid of it.  Exchanges are suppose to be ready by October 1.  Stop it now.

Just defund it, Renee, and watch America's economy boom overnight!

Her actions are what I call the "Boehner Effect".  They are in line with the establishment. Not mainstream America.  Definitely not North Carolina.  I believe the latest stat I heard on Rush on Friday was a resounding 77% of Americans oppose Obamacare!  

The CR (continuing resolution) is a perfect time to defund this horrible bill.  Congress can fund every thing else in government and deny Obamacare in the CR.  Even the libs would be happy (in secret)!

That is unless a little blond haired girl from Dunn, NC, and other RINOs decide their re-election is more important.  And she apparently has...

From National Review: 

Renee Ellmers: For Defunding Obamacare with a CR Before She Was Against It

Republican representative Renee Ellmers took to Twitter today to bash conservative lobbying outfit Heritage Action and its strategy of trying to defund Obamacare with the next continuing resolution.

“Should we stop #Obamacare? YES! But @Heritage_Action’s strategy w/ Continuing Resolution is WRONG,” she said. Why, Ellmers asked, is Heritage Action spending $550,000 to attack “conservatives” and not using it to attack Democratic senator Kay Hagan, “who was the deciding vote on Obamacare?”

Then, the North Carolina Republican twisted the knife, relayign a question about the group’s integrity. “‘Those groups only care about raising money, they want Reps back in the minority in the House’ – comment to me re: @Heritage_Action,” she said.

Ellmers is certainly not alone in her view that making the next CR a do-or-die fight over Obamacare funding is unwise. But one person who would disagree with her is Renee Ellmers, circa 2011.

In a “Bloggers Briefing” at none other than the Heritage Foundation, Ellmers told an audience in March 2011 she would push GOP leadership to use a continuing-resolution bill to defund Obamacare.

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