Monday, October 21, 2013

Chas Post: Who Will He Really Represent?

As you are aware, early voting is happening right now for the Sanford municipal elections, as well as many other ones around our state.  And those left leaning candidates really don't like it when bloggers mess around and ask questions.  You know I'm right.

After all, we use to be able to trust our hometown papers to do the right thing.  To ask the right questions and to divulge the facts, no matter who it hurt or helped.  Not any more.  

So today let's start with Chas Post.  Mr. Post is running for the at-large seat for Sanford City Council.  His ad below  can be found in the Sunday, October 20, edition of the Sanford Herald, Section B, page 3 (copies can be purchased at Sanford Herald):

 Mr. Post says he wants to help revitalize Sanford.  Well he will have plenty of money to build those walkways while the citizens starve after all 4 bonds passed in a down economy.   Mr. Post also says he we all need to work together, move forward while holding true to our roots.  Ok, that's good too. 

But if Mr. Post wants us all to work together, he should start with the law firm he works for and demand the same.  He works with Mr. Silverman who not too long ago compared Tea Party members to Muslim Brotherhood.  ???? Yea, I questioned that too.  In other words, an attorney at the same law firm Mr. Post is associated with, called people like me "murderers", "radicals", etc.  I am no such thing.  I want my government to get fiscally under control!  Here, read it for yourself:

And this is the link to my letter to the editor replying to Mr. Silverman:

So start with the law firm you work for Chas before asking me to "just get along".  I would think if you want my vote, and I am an Independent, you would consider that not all people in this town are willing to give up more and more of their hard earned pay  for a few of you goody two shoes boys to revitalize Sanford as you wish.  So, would you really represent me, Mr. Post? I doubt it.  We don't run in the same circles. And your friends don't like me too much because I pursue the truth and say it like it is.  But hey, convince me otherwise!

Let me continue the "cross-examination of Mr. Post".  I think blanket amnesty is bad for America.  It appears to be good for business over at Doster, Post, Silverman, Foushee and Post. Alot of criminals these days are illegals.  Geez, somebody has to represent them.  And decent people do sometimes get in trouble and sometimes are falsely accused.  

But friends and frenemies, know who you are voting for before you go to the polls.  On his firm's site, he has listed the following classes/seminars he has taught:

Mr. Post is well versed on how to get your butt out of a DUI.  I don't drink.  So no problem here.  And those who do, here's a case you can review if you get in too much trouble.  Seems he got this guy off with a light sentence.  Now I don't know Mr. Fernando and I don't know the case as well as Mr. Post.   I am just  looking at what the Fayetteville Observer, Fox 8 News,  etc  wrote.  

12-year-old boy struck, killed getting on school bus in Harnett Co.

Wife of driver charged in death of Coats boy defends husband

Because darn it, the Sanford Herald must have somehow had a hard drive crash that day...I can't find a single article on this case.  Let me know Bill if I missed something.

And like any good criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Post ardently defends Fernando Ortiz-Soto in his case:  "

"Our version of the facts are a little bit different than what is being circulated through the media," said Chas Post, a Sanford lawyer who represents Fernando Ortiz-Soto. He would not elaborate.

But the questions remain...Will he represent those of us who agree with the Tea Partiers, those of us who are for smaller government, and who strongly believe in personal responsibility?  Will this man really be a leader for Sanford or just part of a party who defies God on national TV, who believes in giving your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, who is forcing American citizens to purchase a product or go to jail, or who looks at us locals with disdain if we object to higher taxes and wasteful spending?  Your vote can decide.  

As for his opponent, Max Dolan,  I don't have to ask the questions above. He's honest, trustworthy, and genuine.  Mr. Post, I hope you are too.

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