Monday, October 28, 2013

Obamacare Hits My Home

Yes, you saw that right.  Obamacare is hitting this family.  

I work for a great company.  And health insurance rates have been quite awesome, to say the least for the past 10 years.  My VSP, vision program, even covered both glasses and contacts.  For one low price of $360 a month, I covered my hubby, myself and my son with vision, dental and health insurance.

Well for weeks I have been dreading the "Open Enrollment" period.  I knew that although I work in the healthcare industry, I still would see massive changes.

Well it came Friday.  And my mouth dropped.  My rates are doubled - without the vision and dental included.

I was given 3 choices:  Platinum, Gold, Silver.  Each with their own distinct deductibles, etc.

So instead of $330 a month, if I choose the Gold plan (which is closest to what I have now), I'll be paying $661 a month now. The deductibles now at $360 a month are $400/$800.  With the new Gold plan they are $1000/$2000.  Wow.  That hurts!

But get this..I am being penalized because my hubby could choose medical through his work, but their plan, from what I've seen, just doesn't compare to what I get and it's not feasible.  So he's on mine.  $100 surcharge.  Yep I get penalized because I want him on my plan.  Unbelievable.

Now, my hubby smokes.  Not the greatest thing, but he smokes.  $100 surcharge.  Yep, I get penalized because he smokes.  Definitely can't lie about it.  Besides the fact that lying is a sin, the insurance company would deny claims on hubby if we did.  You can't escape!

Even my vision plan changed drastically.  I use to be covered for both glasses and contacts at 6.77 per pay period.  Now, I am covered for glasses OR contacts for 14.84 a pay period.  That's more than doubled!

Dental is even affected.  I use to cover just myself at $4.50.  It's now $9 a pay period.

So Obamacare hasn't just hit the medical industry.  It's made every darn thing under the sun more expensive.

And if I don't participate, I go to jail.  Unbelievable in the United States of America.  What would our founding fathers think???

Can't blame my company.   I blame Obamacare and the Democrats.  They wanted this.  They passed it without a single Republican vote.  The Dems own it.  But they don't care.   While you and me decide on healthcare or food, they eat caviar. Makes me want to throw up.  And for the Republicans to even consider compromising is a disgrace!

So when I pray...Lord, deliver me from evil, I'm saying  "Lord...deliver me from liberals and their attack on America!"

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