Friday, November 22, 2013

A Hearty Thank you to Richard Burr!

Got'cha didn't I?  I really do want to thank him.

I want to thank Burr for being a coward.  I want to thank Burr for going with Harry Reid because he despises those of us who are in the Tea Party or think like they do.  I want to thank him for forgetting who he is suppose to be representing.  Ha.  Representation my foot!

Yes, Burr..You have helped to embolden old geezer, Reid.  Now, as Rush said does it feel to not be giving high fives to all the rest of the RINOs and Dems because you are trying to pull that knife out of your back?  Feel good?  I sure hope so.  

Harry blew away hundreds of years of conventional wisdom yesterday.

Our Founding Fathers would say Reid, Burr and others like him are what they tried to warn us about.  

Here's what Harry did:


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