Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's reform the federal government first

We don't need immigration reform or health care reform or the reform of anything else until we reform the federal government. Even people that go to Washington with the best of intentions get sucked into the machine that is Washington, and reform is the way to stop some of it. 

I know the DC area.   I grew up there and lived there for many years.  Both of my parents were federal government employees.  Many of my neighbors, and parents of my friends and classmates, were federal government employees.  And I still have family and friends there.  DC, and its surrounding counties, is different than anywhere else in the country.  In fact, it's like a country within a country.       

The reforms we need? 

1.   Term limits.  12 years total service in the either the Senate or the House combined.  That's about the amount of time it seems to take the 'politician' mindset and 'rock star' status to kick in.

2.   Repeal the 17th Amendment which allows for Senators to be elected by the people of each state.  Before this amendment, senators were chosen by the state government to represent the interests of the state.  Think about it.  If Senators were there to represent the interests of the states themselves would they be so willing to vote in favor of mandates that put burdens on the states?  The states do not have any representation in the federal government's decision making.  This is not the way the government was set up, and the changes brought by the 17th amendment are part of the reason we are in the mess we are in.

3.  Restrict Representatives for purchasing a home in the Washington area; they may rent only.  They only have 2 year terms, so they could be voted out quickly.  No need to own a home in the DC metro area.  Their home, and personal interests,  needs to stay in the district they represent.  Their children should attend school at home and not be relocated to DC schools.

Many other reforms would help, but these three are a good start. 

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