Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lost: The War On Poverty

Some people like being  "poor" Americans.  I mean why not?  Free cell phone, free healthcare, free cash, free groceries, yada yada yada.  Heck, some of the poor make more than I do when you add up all the goodies.

It's disgusting.  What's even worse is our very own President promotes poverty and unemployment as a means that creates jobs!  And he refuses to acknowledge his administration's policies have helped to make sure many stay poor.  But you think he would understand that Social Security and Medicare, for the most part,  are paid by employed workers via automatic payroll deductions.  Yes those of us who get our butt up and work for a living. Not those that sit on the couch waiting for the first of the month. 

Don't be fooled...it's deliberate..

Obama Misfires in the War on Poverty

The president lumped Social Security and Medicare into the rest of welfare state when he talks about how government can help people. That conflation is dangerous.
Last week, President Obama marked the Jubilee Year of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty.  The facts that a record 27.3 percent of Americans were receiving non-cash means-tested benefits, and that workforce participation had sunk to levels last seen during the Carter presidency seemed to be of little concern to Obama.  Instead, he attempted to elide over the situation by declaring yet another “unconditional war on poverty in America,” and in an intellectual sleight of hand, pointed to Social Security and Medicare as evidence of Johnson’s success.  Per the president, “Without Social Security, nearly half of seniors would be living in poverty. Today, fewer than one in seven do.”

Sadly, in his attempt to make all government programs equal and beneficiaries the same, Obama got sloppy with the facts, and worse, dismissive of working Americans.  For the record, Social Security was FDR’s brainchild and has been around since 1935.  It is not a Great Society legacy.
Furthermore, Obama forgot that he is the one calling for cuts to Social Security, over protests from Senate Democrats. As The Hill reports. “Obama proposed nearly $1 trillion in spending cuts in his budget, including a switch to using the Chained Consumer Price Index (CPI), which liberal policy experts estimate could cost seniors thousands of dollars in benefits over their lifetimes. “

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/01/13/obama-misfires-in-the-war-on-poverty.html

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