Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The GOP Just Doesn't Get it...

Here...I'll say it... the GOP is clueless as to who the base is.  They have spent more time fighting those of us who want limited government; reduced spending; common sense from the chambers of Congress, Raleigh and your little town; no amnesty, etc,...than they have fighting Obama!  Did they not hear about the growing number of Independents?  We're sick of this stuff.

Note to the "Grand Old Party"...you're not grand anymore.  Start fighting for America and not your re-election. But that would be putting America first.  The GOP and the Chamber of Commerce are teaming up to fight the Tea Party.  Not Obama and the Dems...but the Tea Party.

So I dare you... members of the GOP... just try to shut this girl up.  Go right ahead.  Try...
And some wonder why I turned Independent.   The hypocrisy on the left is one thing...but on the right it's disgusting.

Earth to GOP...


Here...see what Mr. Claude Pope's been up to...

NCGOP cracks down on Republicans criticizing Republicans

We’re in the middle of the primary election season.  These times are all about internal debates / discussions between party members as they chart the direction of and craft an agenda for their parties.  Yet, it appears the NCGOP hierarchy – including The Pope himself — is enforcing a ban on public criticism of GOP officials by GOP activists.

This has all come to light thanks to some dissension among party activists in Haywood County. Apparently, some party members are seeking punitive actions against an incumbent county commissioner there for alleged infractions that reportedly include using the powers of his office to retaliate against fellow Republican rivals.

Read more on Mr. Pope, etc: http://dailyhaymaker.com/?p=6929

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