Monday, January 13, 2014

You Pay the Penalty Anyway....

As stated in previous posts, my healthcare costs skyrocketed this year.  And like many people, it's so easy to believe you are safe from "the penalty".  But you're not.

Those of you like me who are blessed to have good insurance with your employer will pay the price of all those who don't and who think Obama and the Dems are saviors.  We get higher deductibles, higher premiums, etc, while Sandra Fluke gets her contraceptive.  Shame on Kay Hagan and her cohorts!

Please..if you are a Democrat and believe Obama is your savior, don't try to have a conversation with this girl.  It won't go well....

Obamacare's Hidden Penalty That Could Wallop Your Wallet

Got health insurance through your employer? You might think you're off the hook from being smacked by Obamacare penalties. If we were talking about the individual mandate that requires most Americans to obtain insurance or pay a financial penalty, you would be right -- as long as your employer is in compliance with the health reform act's minimum benefits requirements.
But there's a good chance that you will be affected financially by another consequence of Obamacare. And this hidden penalty can be even more painful to your wallet than the individual mandate levy.
Consequences of following the law
What is this pervasive Obamacare hidden penalty? Higher deductibles. While technically a penalty means punishment for breaking a law, in this case the penalty stems from insurers and employers that comply with the law.
Granted, the text of the Affordable Care Act doesn't have a clause that tells health insurance companies or employers that they must raise their deductibles offered in plans offered to workers. Actually, the law puts a cap on deductibles for small group plans. But for individual and larger employer insurance plans, the language in the health-reform legislation has led directly to higher deductibles.


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