Sunday, February 16, 2014

Debt Ceiling: Allowed to Vote "NO"

This is what I refer to when I say Republican establishment is no different than the Democrats.  They are basically Dem-lite.  And some in my county think I have lost my mind.  No...I just see through the web of deceit trickling down from DC.

We need to confront these people.  I can hardly wait to see Renee Ellmers and others at meetings.  The very thing they argue about concerning Democrats on Obamacare, they do themselves.  Boehner "allows" them to vote no when it's convenient for reelection.  Pelosi "allowed" some Dems (McIntyre, etc) to vote no on "Obamacare" to save their sweet butt in a reelection. 

Earth to HOR...stop the chirades.  Stop the madness. 

Remember all you heard was that Coble was the only one who voted for "unlimited" debt ceiling.  At least he's consistent.  As for the others, like the Daily Haymaker article exclaims...we've been duped!

The debt ceiling: We were tricked, y’all!
cb laugh

American Hustle is not just lighting up the movie screens.  It’s playing out on Capitol Hill as well.

Following last week’s disgraceful surrender by House Republicans on the debt ceiling, we got all kinds of stories about how Howard Coble was the only NCGOPer to vote for Boehner’s bill. 

 Actually, it appears that most Republicans voted to allow others to raise the debt limit, and then turned around and voted against the debt ceiling increase.  Like John Kerry, they were FOR it, before they were AGAINST it. 

How did this all go down? Pull up a chair.  Class is in session.

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