Sunday, February 16, 2014

Filing Season Opens...

Filing for office started this week!  Here's to a clean, nice, calm, no nasty Sanford Herald ads election season.


 Do you think I've lost my mind?  No way in Hades will the Democrats allow that.   And neither will the Sanford Herald! 

I can hardly wait to see if Brad Salmon will call Mike Stone "too old for the job".  Idiot. He should have known better than to do that to Senator Rabin.  How does that sound bratty Brad - SENATOR RABIN!

On that thought, the honorable Senator Rabin has filed for re-election.  He's got my vote!  No doubt about that.

And no doubt,  Representative Mike Stone has my vote too.  Just reference above.  We've already seen the "discriminatory" way Brad Salmon runs campaigns.  Dang, I just remembered.. I forgot to send him some cheese to go along with that "whine"!  Oops sorry Brad, your idol, Obama, is taking all he can from me.  No cheese this year!

And I am happy to see Sheriff Carter file again.  He's done a fabulous job here in Lee County.   Bring it on Dems!  Can't wait to see what your candidate Rosser (left when Sheriff Carter took over), has in store for me to blog about!

So that good old turned-Dem "Doc" Oldham filed too.   I'm sure all of Lee County will be so happy that he signed up for the job again.  He is, after all, rumored to have been begged to run again.   Just can't get enough of our money.  And trust me, if he wins, he'll spend and spend and spend more of what does not belong to him.  Ahhhh typical Democrat.

Now for some others:

Cameron Sharpe... Will he run for Commissioner?  Good grief.  Is he a Democrat or a Republican?  Heck!  What's the difference these days?  Cameron has gone too much to the left to be a conservative.  If the Board of Education wants it, he votes for it.  Regardless if it's smart or not.  He, along with the other "we know what's best for your kids" BOE members, spend more than a drunken sailor does.  No offense meant to drunken sailors. 

I see Comrade Hayes is running for school board.  Geez appears all we do here in Lee Co is let recycled politicians run again.  Mr. Hayes is a spender. Expect the Board of Education, should he win, want and want and want. 

So let's see.. Will Mark Akinosho, "I use to be a Republican and stood for smaller government and not using taxpayer dollars for abortions", run again?  Except now we know he will run as a member of the Democrat Party.  You know, that group who denied God three times on national TV? And that group that publicly supports abortion!!   Still boggles my mind how any Pastor, ANY PASTOR, can be a Democrat, know what the party stands for, and still manage to get in a pulpit on Sunday morning.  I guess that's the $64,000 question.

Jim Womack...Will he run again?  Jim has been a stalwart for financial responsibility and having the taxpayers' back.  We've seen reduced taxes for Lee Co citizens.  We've seen the Board of Education be accountable (to a point).  And we've even seen a campaign of hate against Jim even when he wasn't running!  How insane is that?

So he's a target.  Liberals hate  him.  Heck, Jim goes to church with one of the leaders in the pack who will put a bulls eye on him and take all the money he can get for nasty ads against Jim.  I am referring to Bill Horner, himself...editor of the Sanford Herald.  Don't even try to tell me he is innocent.  Horner can say "No".  But I guess the temptation of money is too strong.  Oh, they must be salivating down at St. Clair Court of a second chance to go after Commissioner Womack!  After all, they've faired well on dollars spent to trash Jim even when he wasn't running!  Actions say a lot, Bill!  You're the boss. 

For what it's worth, Jim I hope you tell the citizens of Lee County you're done.  Your family doesn't need to see the all out assault coming from all sides, including the shameful Sanford Herald

Apparently, by the results of the last city council election,  some citizens want higher taxes.  And they must like government picking winners and losers.  And  high unemployment!  And good grief..they must want nice greenways and sidewalks more than allowing us to keep more of our money to feed our families. Yawn...same old stuff different day.
In other words, if the citizens elect/re-elect the liberals that ran our county, state and country into the gutter, they must not have learned the first time around. 
What does it say in the Bible?  "The people wanted a king."  Well, they got one with President Obama.  Same difference here...except I sincerely hope the lesson will be learned this time...You simply can't trust liberals.  They are never happy and no amount is enough.

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