Saturday, April 5, 2014

Democrat Shenanigans

Bless his heart, Jay Calendine just can't leave well enough alone.  A while back the Lee Co Board of Commissioners led an "open" meeting at Carolina Trace, or at least they thought.  Two Democrats raised a stink claiming they were denied entry into the gated community.  Now one of them has filed an injunction.  Jury is still out on that.

Was it a stupid idea to have it at Trace?  Probably.  But Commissioner Parks apologized and that should be it.   Is it warrant of getting the courts involved?  Heck NO!  I mean, after all Democrats throw out red meat for the dogs one day and apologize the next - for criminal activity, pornographic stuff, and even the killing of Americans!   It's status quo with them.  We are suppose to accept and shut up - even on things like Benghazi - where
4 Americans died due to the current Obama administration's incompetence.   They expect us to be glad and appreciative that our precious President and Democrat party have mandated how you live your life from cradle to grave now.  Right!

Sorry not going to shut up!  Most people ignore the crap all around them while they fight to survive.  But when it gets really shows the hypocrisy of the left.  It spits in our faces.

Here read at the bottom the glory Jay is getting from this...his name is in the Herald.  Yippee!  However, glory is short-lived when it's all for the wrong purposes.  Look a here...this injunction was filed by no other than our own liberal law firm..Doster, Post, Silverman, Foushee & Post....What would a Lee Co liberal do without them??

Note below how the Sanford Herald doesn't mention that Jay leans left in the opening paragraphs.  Had this been me...the title would have said,

   "REPUBLICAN Activist Mad about Democrat Town Hall"

And the first paragraph would have been " A local Republican political activist and blogger, Sheila Barber...."  Want to bet me?

While you're reading make sure you envision the smile across the faces down at St. Clair Court.  Seems they Sanford Herald will do anything at all to make sure the Republican party has no chance.  Just a wondering....Bill, has LEED pac paid your advertising for the year?  Surely you have sketches of tanks you'll be putting in the paper. 

The party that claims to "care" cares only about being vindictive and hateful. 

Satan doesn't have to do a thing but sit and enjoy the show here in Lee County.

Read for yourself...From the Sanford Herald:

Citizen files lawsuit over Trace town hall meeting

Lee commissioners named in open government complaint
Apr. 04, 2014 @ 06:43 PM

A local political activist filed a lawsuit against the Lee County Board of Commissioners Friday, which claims a public town hall held in a private, gated community was illegal.  

Doster, Post, Silverman, Foushee & Post attorney Kevin Foushee filed the lawsuit in Lee County Superior Court at noon Friday on behalf of Joseph "Jay" Calendine Jr., who initially raised concerns about a Lee County town hall meeting held at the private Gated Carolina Trace Properties on March 7.  Calendine and other members of the public, including Lee County Commissioner Amy Dalrymple, were turned away because they refused to give their name at the Carolina Trace gate to enter the Carolina Trace Country Club. After second attempts, Calendine and Dalrymple both were allowed into the meeting after they gave their names...."

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