Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Occasionally the government spends money wisely

I don't usually care for informational websites from the federal government.  I am regularly annoyed that my tax money is spent on many ridiculous projects and studies, informational websites often being part of those ridiculous things.  I saw a blurb about a recent USDA blog entitled Grandparents Help Kids Develop Good Eating Habits and rolled my eyes in annoyance.

Still I read the blog, expecting to feel my blood boiling in my arteries, but actually I agreed with much of what was said.  See the link below.  (Being the small government conservative that I am, this was quite a shock).  Grandparents' behavior does have an impact on their grandchildren, and said grandchildren will model their grandparents' behavior.   The blog offers ideas for activities and resources to teach healthy eating habits.  Good ones, too. 

You may or may not agree with me about this USDA blog's usefulness, but go read it before you decide.  One thing I do recommend, though.  Don't use bedtime for teaching about good eating habits as the blog post suggests.  Bedtime reading is for enjoying stories and making memories, not for the do's and don'ts of eating.   

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