Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hear Hear NC GOP Establishment...

Get over it.  Tea Party isn't dead.  As much as Pope and others, like Karl Rove, etc, would like to believe, we won't go away.  We will watch like a hawk what Tillis says over the next few months.  We will watch Renee Ellmers even more.  So be forewarned.   The establishment brought in outside money to try and defeat Walter Jones.  Didn't work. 

Say it Rush....

The Tea Party is Far from Dead -- in North Carolina or Anywhere Else

RUSH: Some election news out of North Carolina.  You know I don't get involved in primaries. I never have gotten involved in primaries.  From my standpoint, it's always been a -- not losing proposition.  It's just policy-wise, basically driven by my instincts, stay away from primaries.  So I didn't talk much about what was going on in North Carolina, and there was a lot going on in North Carolina.

North Carolina is thought to hold the key election determining who will control the Senate, the Republicans or the Democrats, particularly the Kay Hagan race. So there was a big election this past Tuesday, and there was a Tea Party candidate that a lot of people supported who got handily defeated by what is considered to be an establishment toady.  And that may not be quite an accurate representation.

I know some Tea Party people.  The Tea Party, by the way, is not a party.  It's a name.  The Tea Party is a coalition of grassroots activists that have just come together.  There is no official Tea Party.  They're idea people and they're not totally unified on everything, but they're identifiable as people who are fed up with the establishment of both parties, including the Republican Party.

They're fed up with the spending.  They're fed up with out of-control-Washington.  They're fed up with growth of government.  They're fed up with that.  This Senate race in North Carolina, I talked to a lot of people who would call themselves Tea Party people or sympathizers who were not particularly in favor of the supposed Tea Party candidate there.  But that's not the race in North Carolina that's really explanatory.

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