Friday, May 2, 2014

Renee, Jeb and Thom

Well what does this indicate?

Ellmers gives backing to Tillis in NC Senate race

Let us explore the ways:

1) Jeb and Renee are for amnesty.  Does it mean Tillis agrees amnesty is good?

2) Jeb and Renee are classic examples of "establishment".  Does it mean Tillis will be 900% (like Renee is) with the DC establishment? 

3) Renee just screams at her constituents if they don't agree with her.  Does it mean he's all for screaming at constituents?

4) Renee voted for legislation that keeps protesters a certain distance from her.  Does it mean he'll agree with legislation that bars protesters within 300 feet of politicians in DC? 

Mama always told me you were "the company that you keep".  That's my main issue with some of Tillis' supporters.  They've been out right rude to those of us who don't agree with everything Tillis has done.  Heck, it's gotten so bad that you can't even ask for clarification on why the supporter thinks Tillis is the best.  So when I say the supporters are a reflection of who they support, you have to take a 2nd look at the candidate.

And that goes for an I, D or R candidate.  Goes for judges.  Goes for Governors, you name it!


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