Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sex Assaults and Higher Education

Most normal parents have a great fear of someone hurting their child.  And they would do anything to keep that from happening.  I constantly get Lifelock notifications of sexual predators who move into Sanford.  And it's at an alarming rate. 

But when we ship our treasures off to college, we expect schools to have some sort of decent security and to screen their applicants.   And to make sure the focus in on education.   And all the while, most of us are praying that no one takes advantage of them or hurts them at all. 

That being said, I am appalled at the findings at some of the US's prestigious ivy league schools.  Read this article:

Education Department releases names of 55 schools facing sex assault probes

A partial list includes:

  • -- Harvard University Law School 
  • -- Princeton University 
  • -- Vanderbilt University 
  • -- University of California, Berkeley 
  • -- Dartmouth College
 Scary beyond the imagination.  And the thought that the feds are investigating the way these 55 schools handle the complaints is even more alarming.  Do they not care about our kids or is it all about the money and tenure?  Makes you wonder!



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