Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tenure creates unequal conditions for students

I've said for years that tenured positions in K-12 schools, is wrong.  The only way to escape a school with poor teachers who are tenured is to move or put kids in a private school or charter school or homeschool, if those options are even available or doable.  

On June 10th, a California court ruled that teacher tenure creates impermissible unequal conditions.   Hopefully there will be more court cases across the country about this and headway can be made to stop tenure practices in K-12 schools. 

Here is an excerpt from an opinion piece about it:  

This week’s landmark court ruling in Vergara v. California represents a clear win for all children in California public schools. And it’s especially a win for the nine courageous young people who put their names on the lawsuit and stood up for their right to a quality education.
But the ruling, which struck down teacher tenure and other state laws that offer job security to educators, is also a huge win for California educators and the teaching profession as a whole. Finally, someone has declared that teachers should be rewarded for how well they serve children.

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